TBIG's Custom Information Products and Services

The Better Information Group (TBIG) provides web applications and information products for small companies and individuals in several niches. The company has three segments: web services for interior design firms and professionals, cloud computing for small businesses, and life enhancement e-books with solutions for a changing environment.

Spec Book Pro
Web services for interior design firms and professionals revolves around Spec Book Pro. Developed for interior designers who create and manage project specifications, Spec Book Pro is a cloud-based web application helps interior designers produce great specs faster and design firms become more profitable.

Amazon WorkSpaces
An example of cloud computing for small businesses is a small company that needed more workers but did not want to lease office space. Their proprietary software was installed on Amazon Workspaces (in the Amazon Web Cloud) so the workers could work from almost anywhere in the United States. Now the company has a flexible workforce that can adjust to a constantly changing workload.

Protect Your Cat From Coyotes
The latest e-book is named Protect Your Cat From Coyotes. It will be published as an Amazon Kindle e-book in early Autumn 2016. This book tells you how to protect your cat from coyotes ~ and why you need to.

This book is for cat people who don't know how to cope with the following:
~Large, smart coyotes are living and multiplying in many suburbs and cities in the US.
~Cats are unfamiliar with coyotes and are in danger when they are outside, especially at night.
~Coyotes stalk and kill cats (and small dogs) when they get the opportunity.
~Coyotes may be hunting for food in their neighborhood every day.

Custom Web Site for One Client
A small company with a large client needed a way to provide maintenance documentation for the products the client had purchased. The maintenance documentation had originally been distributed via a PDF document, which was difficult to keep up-to-date and often not available when it was needed.

We designed a website with thumbnail photos of the products on the home page. Clicking on a photo takes the user to the maintenance document. It is easy to keep up-to-date and always available, even with a smart phone (it's mobile friendly).