After six years in sales and support with Hewlett-Packard and ten years of moonlighting as a PC consultant, Michael M. Myers founded The Better Information Group in January, 1993. TBIG specializes in web applications and information products. TBIG has a proven track record of application development and implementation with more than two dozen mission-critical installations in the Southeast. Michael M. Myers spent many years in preparation for these responsibilities. Before his tenure at Hewlett-Packard, he completed a Ph.D. in Institutional Research from the University of Virginia and started the computer center at the Southern Regional Education Board in Atlanta.


Applications Developed by TBIG

  • Spec Book Pro, a web application that helps Interior Designers write and manage project specifications. Click on this link (Spec Book Pro) to visit the Spec Book Pro web site.

  • Compliance Data: which automates the compliance department for financial services broker / dealer.

  • Scoreboard Stats: a data capture system for the Tennesse Titans of the National Football League team summarizing the statistics for display on the giant television screens on the two scoreboards.

  • Prolog: a financial advisor recruiting application for financial services broker/dealers.

  • Tracker: an auto parts tracking for NASCAR team that stores historical information on parts, races, and tracks to help the team identify the best combination for speed.

  • Water Utilities: Capital Improvement Projects for Water Utilities that helps management with budgeting for large projects and balancing the funding and expenditures for years into the future.

  • FA Sales: a Sales management application for financial services broker / dealer to track branch and financial advisor production to calculate performance and compliance statistics for decision making.

  • Budgeting: a department Budgeting for a water utility to allow department managers to develop budgets interactively.

  • Find MD: a recruiting application for helping a staffing firm recruit and place oncology staff for temporary and permanent positions in medical facilities.

  • CARRS: a complaint and litigation tracking application for financial services broker/dealer.

  • ACE: an Art Consultant application that stores images downloaded from the web and lets the consultant search for images by keyword for creating a presentation. The presentation can be converted into specifications, and the specifications can be used to create purchase orders.